We build custom applications, primarily based on internet/web interactivity, such as backend LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) web applications / web services, frontend Javascript DHTML/AJAX and Flash/ActionScript 3 for dynamic client side web applications, and more backend server functionality and even desktop applications using Java (especially Wowza Media Server for Flash RTMP applications over CDNs), C#, Ruby, Perl, C/C++ and more. We also develop iPhone (Objective C), Android (Java) and Blackberry (Java) mobile device applications, especially when they connect back to web applications and web services like the rest of what we build.

We also provide graphic design services for all of our web app and Flash projects, and (other than this placeholder page) are extremely experienced in making compelling, gorgeous websites.

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Open source projects:

a light-weight MySQL database administration tool in PHP for expert MySQL dbas